Source Code Alone
Is Not Enough

Configure your runtime to match code to infrastructure, in seconds

Access to source code does not guarantee application reproducibility

Reproducibility comes from solving the puzzle of
matching code to computing infrastructure

For developers, Ogre automates the generation of reproducibility artifacts (Dockerfile, requirements, SBOM, README) that connect source code to the available infrastructure

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Developers waste up to 5 hours/week

As source code becomes an easily-accessible commodity, the main development roadblocks now lie in the runtime environment. Developers struggle to define the proper software dependencies due to:

Poor code quality

Outdated configuration files

Different platforms require different dependencies

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Source code alone is not enough

Without proper documentation, ease of deployment, and ongoing maintenance, source-code often becomes more of a burden than an asset. Additionally:

GitHub is slowly becoming a place where code goes to die

‍There is a lot of stale, undocumented, difficult-to-run code

‍Code value depreciates rapidly if it can’t be run with ease (time is money!)


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Value to developers

Developers hate to waste time! A week's work with can unlock more hours for developers to use them as they see fit, with the ultimate goal of being more creative.

Win time back for development teams

Increase code usability and lifespan

Empower teams, managers, and CTOs

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Stop wasting money

Example: a team of 100 Python developers (100K salary) may waste up to $1.25M / year due to time spent on runtime/dependencies issues that could have been avoided. Additionally:  

Avoid team frustration

Accelerate incorporation of R&D code into production

Increase code ROI and accelerate product shipping


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